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The Literal Booker Legacy - The College Years: Part 1, Paradise Lost

Welcome back to The Literal Booker Legacy!

Bronte's kids are all grown up now and have gone to college!

Ellis and Uma arrive at university. To reignite their romance, I have them do a little kiss and voila, they are in love again!

Bye Yusun!

Yusun: “I bet you’re going to pull a White Legacy and marry me into the last generation.”

It’s not likely.

Yusun: “Yeah… I’m gonna keep hope.”

The moment they are alone, Ellis and Uma are unable to keep their hands off of each other.

I’ve revamped some of the furniture in the house.

Ellis and Uma decide to thank me by christening the new couch.

Thanks guys!

Tbh, they are really cute, I don’t blame them. I wonder what their future babies will look like.

Well, they’re a little too preoccupied with each other to notice that the phone is ringing. I hope it’s not anything important.

Probably just Bronte wanting to check up on her son.

Since they have the place to themselves, Ellis and Uma decide that the best way to end their first day at university is with some woohoo!

Ellis had a want to dance with Uma.

He chose to smustle.

Uma: “Wait, what’s after the second clap?”

Uma: “Goddamit.”

Let me take this time to introduce Uma McMillan. She’s a knowledge sim who wishes to be chief of staff. She’s a Taurus who is neat, outgoing, lazy, super playful, and grouchy. She likes creative sims with black hair and hates the smell of perfume.

Ellis’ OTH is fitness and just like his Aunt Atwood, he’s addicted to the exercise bike.

But every night he makes sure to slip into bed next to Uma.

Ellis and Uma finish the first half of their freshman year and decide to get pizza to celebrate.

Ellis: “Mmm! Smell that cheesy goodness.”

Stop *drools*.

I’d like to call these next photos ‘A series of Unfortunate Events’. Uma and Ellis are having their alone time and then…

As they are woohooing, they are struck by a burglar.

Burglar: “Heh heh heh, these legacy sims are always loaded. Time to pick and mix!”

Evidence: Uma in her underwear.

I think the police has something else to say about the burglar’s plans.

I think this is the first time in this legacy when the police officer actually one.

Uma: “Yes! Redheads unite! Kick her ass!”

After all that excitement, Uma tucks straight back into bed.

Corbin is a regular in this household. I wonder why.

Corbin: “You look really familiar. Who’s your mother?”

Ellis: “My mom? Her name’s Bronte. Why? Do you know her?”

Corbin: *laugh* “Oh yes, I know her.”

Ellis: “I hate this.”

Finding out that your mom has a reputation at college? Traumatising.

This is this PC’s first repair of many.

Because Shelley and Heath will be moving in soon, Ellis and Uma take some time to themselves.

Dance kissing in your underwear in the kitchen will become a thing of the past with two other sims in the house.

And here they are! 

Ellis: “So, you’re the lucky man marrying my sister. I pray for you as the first husband of the legacy.”

Shelley: “Ellis, don’t put him off!”

As soon as she moves in, Shelley takes some time to catch up with her brother and future sister in law.

Uma: “Apparently Belladonna Witches’ new sponsor is some soft drinks company.”

Ellis: “Capitalism at its worst, don’t you agree, Shell?”

Shelley: “You’re doing this to annoy me, aren’t you?”

In case you forgot, Shelley is a Fortune sim.

Because Shelley has maxed all of her skills before she came to university, I decided to let her take up the hobby of gardening to max her nature enthusiasm. Plus, when the plants get to the harvest stage, she can earn a bit of extra money.

This is a daily given in the household. I won’t lie, this playthrough is a lot more boring this time around…

I wonder what Uma is saying to Shelley to get her face to look like that.

Shelley’s pyjamas really suit her even though they’re base game.

She’s so cute dancing in her PJs.


A taxi? What could this be for?

Ohh, a new dining location, Oresha Family Dining! I don’t blame them though, Londoste was getting boring.

At last, a table where I can have 360 scope.

Uma and Shelley are the only ones bothered to listen to the waitress.

Uma: “Oh, our food’s here already. That was quick.”

Think again.

Shelley: “Oh my GOD!”

Waitress: “I am so, so sorry miss!”

As Shelley tries to talk to Uma, Ellis puts his flirt on.

Shelley: “Am I right, guys? Guys?”

Heath: “They’re in their own world, babe.”

Shelley: “Ugh, whatever.”

Shelley then decides to compete with Ellis and Uma.

By blowing a kiss at Heath.

Also, why is it thunder storming so badly out there?

Oh, it’s you. Go away.

Frances: “Are you not afraid of me anymore?”

I’ll be afraid of you when you do something other than cause minor inconveniences.

Frances: “Don’t say you weren’t warned.”

Pfft, whatever.

The group get their meal the second time round and this time, Shelley isn’t wearing any of it.

When they finish their meal, the mood becomes a bit more still and Uma clears her throat.

Uma: “So, Ellis, I have something to say.”

Uma: “A future with you would make me happier than any other sim on this planet.”

Uma: “Will you marry me?”

Ellis: “Ohmigod!”

Shelley: “That’s so cute, oh my God, open it!”

Ellis: “I’ll marry you a million times!”

Shelley: “I’m so glad this ship is sailing.”

And the table holds a toast.

Shelley: “To my brother and his fiancĂ©e!”

Uma and Ellis decide to commemorate this day by taking photos in the photo booth.

Countess: “I smell fresh blood.”

Uma: *gulp* “We better get out of here.”

Yeah, I’m sure you have plans on how to celebrate your engagement privately anyway.

Apparently, the romantic mood got to Shelley and Heath as well.

Shelley made the grave mistake of baking cake.

Heath: “Oh no, Shelley likes fit guys… She won’t want to marry me now…”

Shelley: “Don’t be silly. You’re my teddy bear now. Fit guys are overrated.”

Listen guys, I kinda love this couple, okay?

So, we skip a year and now Shelley and Heath have entered their Junior year. I thought now would be the best time to visit Bronte’s newly bought villa on Twikki Island.

It was a big group vacation.

Shelley and Uma decide to sunbathe.

Whilst Ellis takes a sea-salt soak.

Not joining in on the fun?

Heath: “I… I’m quite content building this sandcastle.”


Autonomous romancing.

The moment night falls, Ellis and Uma…

And Shelley and Heath decide to cuddle up and admire the view.

Although, Shelley seems more interested in Heath’s view.

The ocean view is very nice as well, though.

Other than Bronte, I’ve never known a pair of sims who cannot stop touching one another.

But these two definitely give them a run for their money.

Shelley accidentally met her father on a community lot the next night.
Zeeshan: “Why do I feel like I’m being watched?”

Never mind, he was never one to stick around anyway.

Unlike Heath, who will be by Shelley’s side no matter what. I can feel it.

Shelley: “The stars are so pretty tonight.”

Heath: “Not as pretty as you.”

Shelley: “Actually, I’m going to admit something. I had ulterior motives to coming here. This was the place my mother met my father and I want to cement my own happy memories here with you.”

Shelley: “If I have to carry on this legacy, I wouldn’t do it with anyone other than you. You are my dream man.”

The tide’s starting to come in, kids.

Celebrate good times, come on!

The trip couldn’t last long as they had to return back to reality sooner rather than later. Back to studying and exams we go.


Uma doesn’t look too concerned.

Oh, there we go.

I’m… Going to lose my mind.

Alright, so let me tell you what happened after this. The fire spread, the whole desk went up and Shelley and Heath (who had been at class) came in and began to go nuts over the fire.

Ellis caught on fire.

Shelley, in the middle of two big balls of fire, was panicking. I was sat screaming at my computer for someone to call the fire department, and Heath did as he was told.

Everyone survived except for Carla, the streaker.

This was me the entire time.

Heath: “I’m so glad you’re okay.”

Shelley: “Me too.”

Heath: “I want to use the computer too!”

She’s doing her term paper, chill the eff out, Heath!

We fast forward and it’s Ellis’ graduation!

Bronte is the best party guest. Let’s hope Corbin the Llama doesn’t turn up, yikes.

Like mother like son.

Did… Did you woohoo with Uma during your graduation party. I’m putting you two on a strict 2 child policy when you move to Everivory Fields.

He didn’t have good everyday clothes but that doesn’t matter.

See ya!

Uma follows him…

And then Shelley graduates… Wow… really? I thought I had taken photos in between the two graduations but obviously not.

Bronte’s back again and to prove that Heath belongs in the family…

He’s smustling as well as the rest of them!

Bronte: “I’m so excited for you to come home!”

Corbin: “Is that Bronte Booker?! How long have I been here!?”

Eh, it’s not the worst but it’s not what I would have you wear.

Shelley: “Time to make some moolah!”

And some babies!

Shelley: “Yeah, yeah…”

Here’s Heath joining Shelley back to the old Booker home in Belladonna Cove.

Yusun has moved back in to place hold and continues to grow animosity towards the family, or maybe it’s just me. Who knows?

Yusun: “I know!”

Bye, Yusun!

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