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The Literal Booker Legacy - Generation 4, Chapter 1: Forever & Always

Welcome back to The Literal Booker Legacy!

A quick recap:
Bronte, our second generation heiress, gave birth to two children: Ellis (Bret Easton Ellis) and Shelley (Mary Shelley). Shelley was chosen as heiress and I contemplated making this legacy a matriarch but who knows, perhaps we’ll get our first male heir this generation?

Regardless, let’s get on with this chapter!

The first thing Shelley and Heath do when arriving at the Booker household is build a snowman.

Bronte: “No, Ellis, I don’t know when your sister is getting here. I said I’d call you when she arrives and that is what I’ll do. Goodnight, son.”

Bronte: “I had no idea I raised such clingy children.”

Shelley: “Ahem.”

Bronte: “Shelley! I’m so glad you two made it home safely.”

This is kinda sweet, this is where these two had their very first date and cemented Heath as the third generation spouse.

Good evening, Otis.

Shelley: “So, because we both have the day off from work tomorrow, I figured it’d be best to rush the wedding to tomorrow.”

Heath: “That’s fine by me as long as I get to marry you.”

Otis: “Bark bark bark!”

Did I lose the ability to communicate with you in the afterlife?

Shelley: “Eek!”

Shelley: “Otis, what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks!?”

I need to change these beds but I don’t want to upset the ghosts. Shelley and Heath cosy up in Austen and Cherry’s old bed.

Just a short sequence of Heath and Shelley being super cute.

That little smile.

She knows she’s getting married tomorrow.

Shelley woke up early on the morning of her wedding. She spent most of the morning gazing down at her soon-to-be husband and began to recall all of the ways she’d been blessed in her life.

Oh look, the brother and the sister-in-law are here! It’s wedding time!

Ellis, step away. Your sister is about to get married.

Can I just… take a second to gush about how beautiful Shelley is right now?

Just lemme take a second.


Also, please note Bronte in the background sneaking a sip of champagne.

Shelley: “Forever and always.”

Heath: “Forever and always, my love.”

Heath Butler becomes Heath Booker. Lemme give you his stats because I forgot to in the college chapter, whoops.

Heath is a Family sim with a LTW of becoming a Minister of Education. He’s neat, shy, active, serious but nice and likes black hair, blonde hair but doesn’t like custom hair. His OTH is also tinkering!

Time for the cake cutting!

Well, Heath is definitely the attentive kind of husband.

Bronte: “A toast to be new bride and groom! May your reign over the Bookers be fruitful and as long as my mothers’ and my grandmothers’.”

Shelley: “And yours.”

Bronte: “My reign isn’t over yet, kiddo.”

Heath is just helping himself to cake in the background whilst his family congratulate him.

Bronte: “Is this party over yet? I’m very tired and all the bathrooms are occupied thanks to the stupid champagne.”

Nearly there, Bronte.

And with this dance kiss, the party ends as a roof raiser! Hooray!

And now comes the most important part after the wedding.

The two newlyweds making their bed.

Synchronised pillow fluffing.

You know what’s coming next!

Later in the evening:

Shelley: “My neck really hurts. Do you think the mattress is stiff?”

Heath: “No, not really. Maybe you’re coming down with something. Your dress wasn’t very winter-appropriate.”

Shelley: “I looked good though.”

Shelley: “I’ll go run a bath and relax.”

You know, this is how your mother felt when she fell pregnant with Ellis.

You’re possibly pregnant.

Shelley: “So soon!?”

Just as Shelley gets started on Bronte’s portrait, she pops!

Shelley: “Well, I guess Gray wastes no time.”

Hell no, you’re having three kids and I’m not having the same situation your mother and aunt had.

Hey, Austen!

Austen: “I sense a new baby approaching. We’ll be leaving soon, won’t we?”

… I’m afraid so, yes. *sniff*

The reason why I’m moving the graves is because ghosts cause the lot to lag and I just don’t want any issues.

Shelley: “Are we going to explain the hair situation?”

So, basically, you’re having the same issue as your mother. Somehow, the curly base game hair won’t go with the pregnancy clothing mesh and so I’m changing your hair for the time being until you’re done having kids.

Bronte: “So, this is what it feels like you have your whole life squashed into a painting.”

Yeah, basically.

Bronte: “I’ll just be a memory in this house in a few generations.”

Heath got a promotion! Hooray!

Heath: “Who is that man and why is he making my mother-in-law cry?”

His name’s Gabriel Green and he basically hates us.

Shelley came home with two surprises:

A promotion and a second pop! The first baby of the fourth generation is so close.

Bronte: “Sweetie, I know you’re tired but I don’t think berry pie is the best place to fall asleep.”

Heath is of course very excited to be a new father.

This is just to prove that Shelley reached her LTW whilst at work. $100,000!

I’m gonna keep her on the Natural Science track though. 

Shelley: “Hello! Me time!”

It’s always been you time.



Your Aunt Ericka’s here if that counts?


Shelley: *scream*

Heath, I’d wipe the smile from your face, your wife is not in an agreeable mood.

Heath: “I’m going to be a daddy!”

Not listening…

Come on blond, come ON!


Okay fine, I’m going to install a mod that makes blonde and red hair dominant.

This legacy will end with black hair, I just know it.

AnyWAY! This is Angelou Booker, named after Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou was most well-known for her autobiographies, the most famous of which is I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, as well as multiple poetry books. She was also a civil rights activist.

Shelley: "So, you're the reason Gray makes a big deal about me being heiress?"

No time to waste, baby number two needs to be here pronto!

Bronte moves Austen, Cherry, and Otis’ graves to the family graveyard.

And then…

Bronte: “I’m retiring. I’m a grandma now. See yuh!”

Yes! Yes!

Shelley: “This is torture. Can he have an alien baby to balance this?”

Uh… maybe next generation. I’m not planning for alien children right now…

I’m kinda disappointed how Angelou ended up with skin tone one when her father is definitely a four. Ah well, sims genetics never really made sense, I suppose.

This is too precious.

Congrats on your promotion!

Shelley: “Blergh!”

You’re welcome!

Heath and Shelley share the responsibility of caring for Angelou equally but it’s difficult with one parent working towards promotions and the other under medical care as they are expecting a second kid.

Thankfully Bronte is still around.

Shelley is going to have her hands full with three kids when she’s done. It’ll be worth it though.

Heath jams out on Austen’s guitar whilst Shelley dances.

This is where I remember that Shelley is a playful sim.

I just love her face sfm.

You’re gonna need to stop being so surprised, this is two out of three times.

Heath and Shelley are good parents but the award honestly goes to Bronte, the Romance sim, who seems to gravitate towards her granddaughter.

Shelley: “I’m pregnant!”

Heath: “I’m so happy I might cry.”

Uncle Ellis and Auntie Uma? Must be a birthday party.

At first glance, she looks like a face clone of Shelley, but she actually has Heath’s eyes and lips! She’s very cute!

Angelou is a Sagittarius who is sloppy, shy, active, playful and very nice.

First on the agenda, walk the baby.

If you’re assuming that a lot of these photos are just taken to showcase how pretty Shelley is, you’re half right.

Also, who left the dirty diaper on the floor?

Angelou is honestly such a good mix of her parents, I’m so happy.

The spinner was a gift from great uncle Hardy!

Along with that kite. Shelley popped her second pop, but I missed it.

Heath: “Hello little baby, your mother and I cannot wait to meet you and I bet you can’t wait to meet your big sister and your grandmother.”

Angelou, internally: “Why are my parents so weird?”

Here we goooo!

Wow, this was a quick birth. Another girl! More black hair.

This little angel is Morrison, named after Toni Morrison. Although most well known for her novels, Beloved (which she won a Pulitzer prize for), The Bluest Eye, and The Song of Solomon, Toni Morrison was also the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature. She also wrote a slew of children’s literature.

Leroy: “Must protect the cub.”

Bronte: “I cannot get to the baby. Move!”

Bronte, like her mother, has adopted using the kitchen sink to wash her grandbabies.

Shelley: “Night night, my big girl.”

So, I was just casually playing the household when I notice the water wriggler going off. At first I thought it was a glitch and then I noticed Leroy playing.

A better lit shot of the doggie playing in the water!

Shelley: “Oh, I’m pregnant again!”

Yes, this is it Shelley, no more after this.

Shelley: “That better be a promise, I swear.”

Just a little shot of Angelou playing with blocks (this is also where I got the notification that Angelou’s OTH is tinkering like her father) as Morrison just does what babies do.

Aww no baby, don’t be sad. Your daddy will be here soon.

Heath: “Say Daddy.”

Angelou: “Seeing as you freed me from that hellhole. Daddy.”

Today is also Angelou’s last day of toddlerhood so Heath takes advantage of the little time he has left by tossing her in the air.

Heath: “I can’t believe our girls are growing up today.”

There’s not just one birthday!

There’s two!

Angelou goes first.

Heath, not to be outdone, blows out Morrison’s candles for her.

Here we go!

Oh! Morrison has Heath’s nose! That’s so cute!

Morrison is a Capricorn who is super neat, shy, lazy, super playful and nice.

Not going to lie, I think Angelou might end up being beautiful.

Heath: “Are you sure you should be drinking that in your condition?”

Shelley: “Are you going to tell your pregnant, tired wife who is raising your two children that she can’t have a cup of frickin’ coffee?!”

I missed the second pop again. Whoops.

Because it’s the middle of summer and Shelley is on maternity and Bronte is taking care of Morrison, I let Shelley cool down by playing with the water wriggler.

Morrison: “ANYONEEEEEE!”

Angelou returns from her first day at school and her father, now a high school principal, decides to help her with her homework.

Both Shelley and Heath have rolled wants related to the kids. Shelley wants to get Angelou into private school and Heath just wants her to get an A+.

I’m going to get the kids into private school for the first time in this legacy.

Bronte teaches Morrison how to walk.

Why are you pouting?

Oh, she’s smiling now!

No lie, if I were to have a family in the future, this likely how it would look. Just replace the husband with a wife hahahah!

I’d be on the PC playing the sims.

Bronte: “Goodnight, my petal.”

Bronte: *mwah*

Later that night, Shelley got a special delivery.

Why are you in the bathroom?


Just think, this is the LAST baby!

Shelley: “GOOOOOOD!”

Frammit. Black hair, brown eyes. Can I please get some variation in this legacy?

Anyway! Ladies and gents, baby number three is a boy!

This is Baldwin Booker, named after James Baldwin. James Baldwin is likely more well-known recently for his novel, that was adapted into a movie, called If Beale Street Could Talk. However, for me, he is more well-known for his controversial novel, Giovanni’s Room (which broke my heart but is also so worth the read). James Baldwin is also known for his activism as well as being an unapologetic black gay man in America.

With Baldwin’s appearance in the family, we leave this chapter behind!

Next time: Lots of birthdays!!

Also, I've managed to package all of the Bookers up to, and including, Shelley and Ellis. If anyone is interested in downloading one of them, please let me know :)

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